Friday March 31, 2023

‘Compliant husband’ Prince Harry ‘a stepping stone’ for Meghan Markle

Prince Harry ‘just a compliant husband’ to Meghan Markle’s dream of achieving ‘global celebrity’

By Web Desk
February 08, 2023

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Meghan Markle is reportedly treating Prince Harry as her ‘compliant husband’ that she’s allegedly using as a ‘stepping stone to becoming a ‘global celebrity’.

This claim has been made by royal author and expert Tom Bower, in a new piece for The Sun.

He started by accusing Meghan Markle of being the ‘driving force behind the Netflix deal’.

He also believed “Nurtured in Hollywood, she has imposed her ‘narrative’ on Harry. A compliant husband.”

In Mr Bower’s eyes, the “Netflix series is [Meghan’s] latest vehicle to wreak damage on the royal family and Britain.”

During the course of the chat the author also claimed, “as [Meghan] later revealed, marrying into the royal family was just a ‘chapter’ in her life, a stepping stone to becoming a global celebrity after she failed, just before meeting Harry, to land any significant acting parts.”

“Becoming a duchess was a perfect interlude while seeking a new career. Netflix, she calculates, gives her a new opportunity to launch her next ‘chapter.’”