Thursday March 30, 2023

Prince Harry wanted to 'more forward' after marking 25th birthday

Prince Harry talks about spending 25th birthday in Botswana

By Web Desk
February 04, 2023
Prince Harry wanted to more forward after marking 25th birthday

Prince Harry is touching upon marking an important milestone in his life.

Recalling his 25th birthday, the Duke of Sussex reveals how he was excited to take a step forward and shape his life in the forthcoming years.

He writes in memoir ‘Spare’: “At twenty-five you take a concrete step forward…or else begin to slide backwards. I was ready to move forward. I felt, in many ways, that I’d been bag-flying for years.”

“I decided to mark this milestone birthday with a trip. Botswana again. The whole gang was there, and in between cake and cocktails they said how different I seemed—again. I had seemed older, harder, after my first combat tour. But now, they said, I seemed more…grounded,” Harry added.

Elsewhere in the book, Harry explains his deep connection with Africa, noting how it helped him heal after the death of Princess Diana.