Wednesday March 22, 2023

Prince Harry ‘feminine and weak label’: ‘He’s fighting millennial masculinity’

Prince Harry is reportedly in a constant fight between his reality as ‘Institutional Harry’ vs ‘Husband Harry’

By Web Desk
February 03, 2023

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Prince Harry’s decision to air his dirty laundry and talk at length about his royal grievances have slapped him with the label of being “feminine and weak.”

This observation has been brought forward by writer Louis Staples, in an op-ed piece for CNN.

The writer believes, “Prince Harry comes from a long line of military men who took pride in adopting a stiff upper lip attitude and getting on with the job. That was an image that his grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was particularly keen to present for himself as he continued royal duties well into his mid-90s.”

“Viewed through this prism, complaining is considered feminine and weak. Harry has alluded to this himself by making a distinction between ‘Institutional Harry’ and ‘Husband Harry’ – the latter of whom is more emotional.”

“Outside of the royal institution, there has been a cultural shift towards encouraging men to talk about their feelings and mental health. Spare takes us through Prince’s process of doing just that. And after examining some of the ways growing up in the royal institution damaged him, with the help of a therapist, it seems like he prefers ‘Husband Harry’ to ‘Institutional Harry’.”

Before signing off the writer also added, “The tension between the Prince’s two personas is really a microcosm of a wider cultural clash between different versions of masculinity. In the so-called ‘culture war’ that the Sussexes have found themselves embroiled in, millennial masculinity has become a key battleground.”