Saturday March 25, 2023

Prince Harry branded 'bully' as memoir 'Spare' attacks royals

Prince Harry reminded of his privacy conerns as he writes autobiography

By Web Desk
February 03, 2023
Prince Harry branded bully as memoir Spare attacks royals

Prince Harry is under the radar over content from his memoir 'Spare.'

The Duke of Sussex has been branded a 'bully' as he continues to attack the royal family for the sake of 'revenge.'

Author Angela Levin says that the father-of-two is in the "pursuit of revenge and control"

She also noted how the Duke of Sussex "overstepping the mark" and targeting his blood relatives for the sake of gains.

She said: "This all comes from a man who is known for guarding his own privacy.

"One who has himself in the last few years behaved like a bully in the pursuit of revenge and control," she noted.