Tuesday March 21, 2023

Eva Green faces 'humiliation' after Whatsapp texts get public

Eva Green's private messages were read out in a legal case

By Web Desk
February 01, 2023
Eva Greens private messages were read out in a legal case
Eva Green's private messages were read out in a legal case

Eva Green admitted to being humiliated after her WhatsApp texts were read out in the High Court case.

According to Sky News, the 300: Rise of an Empire star has sued White Lantern producers, where she claimed to have been roped in to play the lead character in A Patriot. However, the production was shelved in October 2019.

But, the Bond alum maintained, she is still due her fee of $1 million despite the film being canceled.

However, White Lantern Film came forward to bring a counterclaim against the French star. The production leveled allegations against her for wanting to exit the project, made "excessive creative and financial demands," and had expectations that were "incompatible" with the film's budget.

Previously, the court has seen messages of the 42-year-old calling one of the movie's executive producers, Jake Seal, a "devious sociopath," "pure vomit," and "a liar and a mad man."

However, her attorney has defended her client, saying that White Lantern's claim is "designed to paint my client as a diva to win headlines and damage her reputation."

During the hearing, Max White, Lantern Film lawyer, questioned Green about a text referring to Seal as "evil," which also said that she had to "get out" of the film.

The Dreamers denied this alluded to her will to exit from the project. "If I really wanted to pull out, I would have asked my agent to do so in a legal way," she said.

"Are you accustomed to simply lying in casual WhatsApp messages?" Mr. Mallin asked.

Green added she had a "very direct way of saying things."

"I was not expecting to have my WhatsApp messages exposed in court, it's very humiliating. Sometimes you say things you don't mean.