Saturday September 23, 2023

Prince Harry ‘really believes’ Meghan Markle is his ‘savior’

Prince Harry is reportedly ‘still of the belief’ that Meghan Markle is his ‘savior’

By Web Desk
January 30, 2023

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Experts have just shed some light into Prince Harry’s shocking belief that Meghan Markle is still his ‘savior’.

This insight has been observed by body language expert Judi James.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry’s body language ‘clearly shows’ that he believes Meghan Markle “was the one who saved him.”

She believes, Prince Harry’s manner of speaking ‘truly suggest’ Meghan Markle “really was the one who 'save' him at this low point.”

He begins to fiddle with his wedding ring. Harry slows and becomes calmer when he speaks about Meghan and he appears to mime her side of their conversations, throwing his hands out palms-up to repeat her suggestion that 'I think you need to see someone.”

'Harry uses his body language to role-play both sides in the argument they had, using the open hands and calm of Meghan versus the self-protective fist-shapes as he first thinks 'How dare you' about the thought he needed help.”

Before signing off she also added, “His palm-swipe appears to mimic her listing of his problems before he rubs his wedding ring again.”