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ABC anchor T.J. Holmes 'professional ethics' under spotlight

T.J. Holmes alleged reckless behaviour at ABC stunned pals

By Web Desk
January 28, 2023
ABC anchor T.J. Holmes professional ethics under spotlight
ABC anchor T.J. Holmes 'professional ethics' under spotlight

T.J. Holmes is finding difficulties in avoiding controversies after his romance scandal with GMA3 co-anchor Amy Robach surfaced.

According to Page Six, pals of the Holmes were stunned by the reckless behaviour of the ABC star, “T.J. has always been careful about how he moves,” an insider added.

Moreover, the production staff also painted a “terrorizing” side of the anchor. as per the report.

"He terrorizes the staff. They hate him. He yells at producers, snaps at people, and people don’t want to work with him,” one insider confided to the outlet.

Another source called him “snooty” and “nasty” to staffers. While another industry source added he had a reputation for being “a douche … long before this scandal erupted.”

“He loves himself and really thinks he’s a huge star. He acts like he’s hot ****.”

Meanwhile, Holmes alleged in-office affair with another junior staffer surfaced.

Per Page Six, the romp with the junior took place in 2015, when the anchor allegedly engaged in an affair with subordinate Jasmin Pettaway in the same year.

The said woman was an overnight associate producer at ABC and was in her mid-20s at the time of the alleged affair.

“He was in a position of power over her,” our source tells us.

“I do think it was like a, ‘Here’s this good-looking younger girl, and she’s here in my office, let me make a move’ sort of thing,” the insider adds, describing the situation as “similar” to Pettaway’s.