Monday March 20, 2023

Kim Kardashian reveals about 'losing bets' with daughter North amid ‘awful’ Tik Tok

Kim Kardashian reveals the real reason behind transforming into a ‘British chav’ in her latest Tik Tok

By Web Desk
January 19, 2023
Kim Kardashian reveals about losing bets with daughter North amid ‘awful’ Tik Tok

Kim Kardashian responded back to a fan tweet regarding her latest Tik Tok and impliedly revealed the reason behind it.

Soon after the Tik Tok video came out, fans went wild and shared their reactions on this ‘awful’ transformation of the Kardashian’s alum.

An internet user posted a snapshot of the video on Twitter writing “This is the last thing I thought Kim would do on Tik Tok.”

To which the socialite quickly responded, “Me too! The bribe and bet losing I have going on with North is unreal!” 

Hinting at the possibility of losing a bet with daughter North that cost Kim to come up with such unbelievable transformation.

Kim Kardashian reveals about losing bets with daughter North amid ‘awful’ Tik Tok

The 42-year-old socialite turned to Tik Tok on Wednesday and appeared with her face covered in a heavy concealer, overdone eyebrows, and extremely fake eyelashes to transform into a "chav", which is the British equivalent of American trailer trash.

In the shared Tik Tok video Kim can be seen wearing a black plunging tank and while her dark hair dropping down in loose waves.

She then flipped her head and tied her hair up into a huge topknot and began painting her face with too-dark foundation.

The SKIMS founder then drew on massive eyebrows, contoured her cheeks and slapped concealer on her lips.

She finished off the look by carelessly wearing fake eyelashes that hung off her eyes.

Kim while chewing a gum scowled at the camera in the clip lip syncing to the Millie B's song M to the B.

Viewers went wild after watching the TikTok and posted comments on Reddit, with one writing: "I never thought id see chav kim," with a laughing face emoji.

Another posted, "I kinda dig British Kim," and a third saying: "Lmfao I never thought I’d see Chav Kim but here we are."

"This is hella funny and iconic for her to be doing a stupid tiktok trend," yet another user commented.