Monday March 27, 2023

Prince Harry needs to ‘let hurt heal’ and stop ‘expecting’ empathy

Prince Harry backed for showcasing ‘feelings of hurt’ but urged to ‘move on’

By Web Desk
January 15, 2023

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An expert has just addressed the ‘feelings of hurt’ Prince Harry has been advocating in his recent interviews.

This claim has been made in a new piece for The Mirror, by writer Saira Khan.

She started by saying, “I see the relatively young Prince Harry shoot from the hip – in his book, on TV, to all who will listen – and I want to reach out to tell him now what he will come to see in 20 years.”

“That if you want the people you’re attacking to empathise, it will only happen once you stop expecting it from them.”

“I do understand Harry, in that I moved away from cultural expectations and suffered similar banishment.”

“You see, Harry, I get your feelings of hurt. But once you’ve shared it, you’ll feel alone again.”

“Your family will carry on as before. So my advice is this: Say your piece, then get on with life without regrets. It is the passing of time that heals rifts.”

“Live true to yourself, without anger and resentment, and in time you will you harness the respect of the very people you are disrespecting right now.”