Friday December 01, 2023

Biographer suggests Harry was not an ambitious prince

Harry was not an ambitious prince

By Web Desk
January 04, 2023
Biographer suggests Harry was not an ambitious prince

Prince Harry didn't want to be king, said royal author Angela Levin while sharing her conversation with the Duke of Sussex when he was still a part of the royal family.

Levin, who is known as a fierce critic of Harry, said, "We talked about it when I was gathering material for his biography."

She said, "Princess Diana convinced him he would have much more freedom and he just wanted to help him. ‘Every year we get closer,’ he said but eventually he got fed up being in his shadow."

Levin recently published a book on Queen Consort Camilla and hardly misses an opportunity to publicaly criticize Harry and his wife Meghan.

She is a pro-monarchy royal expert who is often criticized by Meghan and Harry's supporters and independent royal commentators for targeting the US-based royal couple.

Harry blames the media and the "royal experts" for his departure from the UK.

In his Netflix documentary he said he would miss the people of the UK but not the media.

He said he first moved to Canada to get away from the media attention his wife was getting after her letto to her father was leaked by a tabloid.