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King Charles III 'expressing sympathy' as UK faces 'difficulties': 'Hypocritical'

King Charles III bashed for his out of touch Christmas Speech

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December 31, 2022
King Charles III expressing sympathy as UK faces difficulties: Hypocritical
King Charles III 'expressing sympathy' as UK faces 'difficulties': 'Hypocritical'

King Charles III is under the radar for expensive coronations as Britain faces crisis.

Meghan Markle friend Omid Scobie has called His Majesty 'out of touch' for expressing sympathy towards the residents.

Mr Scobie said: "It seemed rather hypocritical for the King to express sympathy and concern for difficulties faced by the nation he serves when, just a week prior to recording his message at Windsor Castle, he had quietly made a dramatic U-turn on plans for 'cut-price' coronation celebrations."

He added: "Despite the estimated increased cost, Charles’ ceremony will be shorter and last between one and two hours (as opposed to his mother’s three-hour event) with rituals considered outdated or cumbersome cut to allow for the reduced run time.

"There are also expected to be far fewer attendees at the 2023 coronation: 2,000 compared to 8,000 at the late Queen’s," noted Scobie.