Thursday November 30, 2023

Meghan Markle’s ‘bid for pity’ is a ‘sugar rush of turbo-tantruming’

Meghan Markle’s on blast for her inability to share ‘even a single time’ where she got it wrong

By Web Desk
December 28, 2022

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Meghan Markle’s docuseries has been analyzed for its ‘victim blaming aspect as experts demand ‘even one moment’ where she ‘accepts blame for something’.

This claim against Prince Harry has been put forth by Jan Moir, British columnist.

It read, “For the six long hours of this mordant docuseries, viewers have been swept along on a wave of Harry and Meghan’s ongoing anguish; a sugar rush of turbo-tantruming, cresting in a funk of sulk.”

“Yet I felt queasy rather than enlightened after watching it all, sickened by the sour gravy of their endless beefs. At no point can either of them summon the nerve or perception to venture a light touch, appreciate their marvellous good fortune or admit that maybe — just maybe! — there were moments when they got it wrong, too.”

Before concluding she also added, “Despite the pitiless nature of their bid for your pity, it is still not entirely clear why the couple fled the tyranny of royal privilege for the chicken coops of Montecito.”