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Huma Qureshi opens up about pay disparity existing in Bollywood Industry

Huma Qureshi was last seen in 'Double XL' along with Sonakshi Sinha

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December 09, 2022
Huma Qureshi was last seen in Double XL along with Sonakshi Sinha
Huma Qureshi was last seen in 'Double XL' along with Sonakshi Sinha

The Badlapur actress Huma Qureshi discloses the pay disparity that exists in the Bollywood industry. 

She further spoke about the budget that is being given to the male star and female stars.

Huma said: “Equal pay for equal work. If there are two people who are working at an equal level in terms of their career and box office, they should be paid the same amount, which they don't. It is very sad.”

She gave her own example to explain the scenario: “Take me as example. If I have to make an action film and an actor of my level wants to make it too, the budget both of us get will be very different because he is a guy.”

As per IndiaToday, Qureshi went on to say: “It is often said that female-led action films don't work but male-led action films do. If you take a look at the ratio of films been made with male leads and female leads, it's very off. But now, several female stars are working.”

On the work front, Huma Qureshi was last seen in film Double XL that also featured Sonakshi Sinha, Mahat Raghvendra and Zaheer Iqbal in lead roles.