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Aamir Khan gets emotional as he recalls ‘difficult times’

Aamir Khan went through a plethora of difficulties

By Web Desk
December 04, 2022
Aamir Khan went through a plethora of difficulties
Aamir Khan went through a plethora of difficulties 

Aamir Khan’s father, Tahir Hussain was an accomplished producer. Since his background was completely based on film industry, a common assumption about him is that he has born and raised with privilege which was not the case always.

In an interview with Humans of Bombay, Aamir grew a little emotional recalling the times his father took loans for films that did not do very well in the industry and his family had to suffer through brutal times. He recalled, “Thing that would trouble us most was Abba Jaan ko dekh ke (seeing our father). Because he was a very simple man. Maybe he didn't have enough sense that he should not have taken so much loan,”

He further added, ‘So it would hurt us seeing him in trouble. Because lenders used to call us. We would hear him fighting with people on the phone, telling them 'what do I do, my film is stuck. Tell the actors to give me dates.’

He concluded by mentioning that despite the difficulties, his father made sure to return everyone’s money. He also added that even though his family was going through crisis, his parents made sure to pay his school fees always