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Will Smith gets candid about 'Emancipation' filming: “It was a brutal shoot’

Will Smith details major challenges he faced during the shoot of his hotly released film ‘Emancipation’

By Web Desk
December 02, 2022

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Will Smith dished on the tough challenges he faced during the "brutal" shoot of his latest movie Emancipation.

The King Richard star revealed how he acted in harsh circumstances in Antoine Fuqua directorial during the Los Angeles premiere of the film.

"Yeah. You know, getting called the N-word 100 times a day by really good actors -- it was rough. But, you know, it was really - it was difficult for everybody,” Smith said.

“It's like recreating those scenes and, you know, having to -- we're out there in a lot of the actual locations where those things happened and, you know, it was -- it was a brutal shoot", he added.

The actor continued: "The weather was brutal, the subject matter. And it was like, you know, in order to sustain the energy of the film, it was like everybody was having to tap into real ugliness, you know?"

The action-thriller marks Smith return to the big screen after he made headlines during 2022 Oscars when he smacked Chris Rock on-stage over a joke on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.