Sunday February 05, 2023

Meghan Markle branded intelligent 'bully' in fresh confession

Meghan Markle 'appalling' nature can make people feel 'fearful', says expert

By Web Desk
December 01, 2022

Meghan Markle is branded 'fearful' yet 'intelligent' by experts in a resurfaced confession.

Author Tom Bower, in a recent confession to Good Morning Britain, revealed how the Duchess of Sussex has had the history of mistreating royal aides.

"Overall I came across with the impression of a woman who is very intelligent, very determined, very ambitious, but also ruthless - and in the end, in her terms ‘successful’. The reader will have to make up their minds about whether she’s good or bad."

Speaking further about the negative stories told to him by witnesses, Mr Bower added: "There were two agents who told horrible stories about her bullying and her oppression, and that was an eye opener.

This comes after the author quoted Vanity Fair journalist Sam Kashner in his book, revealing he was "appalled by the nature of Meghan" during an interview before Prince Harry's Royal wedding.

Kashner noted: "That just shows the power of Meghan. On the 30th May I read to him all his quotations and most of the chapter of the book and he approved of it without comment.

"Meghan has got an ability to make people feel fearful, the truth is what I wrote was exactly what he told me, and was a horrendous story, he was absolutely appalled by the nature of Meghan. When he saw it in black and white he was fearful for his own profession."