Friday January 27, 2023

Martin Scorsese reacts to a fake mafia movie 'Goncharov'

Martin Scorsese has nailed the response to the fake film 'Goncharov'

By Web Desk
November 27, 2022
Martin Scorsese reacts to a fake mafia movie Goncharov

Martin Scorsese is well aware of a viral pseudo-film called Goncharov on Tumblr, as revealed by his daughter Francesca.

Per NME, a fake Scorsese film called Goncharov was dreamed up online this month and billed as the "greatest mafia movie (n)ever made", starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Gene Hackman and Harvey Keitel.

The plot tells Goncharov as "a former discotheque owner who comes to Naples after the fall of the Soviet Union".

The fake film's fan poster instantly went viral, spurring others to make their art mood boards, fake reviews, and fan fiction around the imagined project.

The 80-year-old daughter now confirmed that her father is informed about the project. To do so, she replied to a TikTok user who asked: "Do you guys think that Francesca has had to explain to her dad Martin Scorsese that Tumblr…" at which point the video cuts off and moves to a video Francesca took of herself.

After making an amused facial expression, she posted a screenshot of her conversation with her father. She sent him a link to an article about the fake movie and asked, "Did u see this?" Martin replied, "Yes. I made that film years ago."

However, the fake film has generated renewed interest this month. Goncharov traced its roots to a Tumblr post from some years ago. In the post, a photo shows some "knockoff boots" the user ordered online, with a tag on the tongue that reads, "The greatest mafia movie ever made. Martin Scorsese Presents Goncharov.”

The post gained traction in 2020 when it was reposted by another Tumblr user, who wrote, "this idiot hasn't seen goncharov."