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India’s official Oscars entry film ‘Chhello Show’ to release on OTT on November 25

'Chhello Show' aka 'Last Film Show' is a Gujrati film directed by Pan Nalin

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November 21, 2022
Chhello Show aka Last Film Show is a Gujrati film directed by Pan Nalin
'Chhello Show' aka 'Last Film Show' is a Gujrati film directed by Pan Nalin

India’s official entry to the Oscars Chhello Show will be releasing on Netflix on November 25.

Chhello Show is a Gujrati language film written and directed by Pan Nalin that released in the Indian cinemas on October 14.

Director Nalin, while talking about the OTT release of the film, sated: “Last Film Show is a celebration of films, food, friends, and family and now audiences across India can do exactly that from the comfort of their homes while watching it. As a filmmaker, I dream that the movie reaches the maximum number of people, and now, thanks to Netflix, the Last Film Show is just a click away.”

The story revolves around a 9-year-old young Gujrati boy who falls in love with cinema and gets inspired by its light, its ability of telling stories and the heroes it gives birth to. All he wants to do is watch movies the whole day. This passion gets him into trouble not only with his father but with the local police as well. He is labeled to be a thief.

The film did not only amuse the national audience but also gained popularity internationally. The Gujrati film has been screened at numerous film festivals including Tribeca, and Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema.

As per IndiaToday, Chhello Show also received the best picture award at the Asian World Film Festival Los Angeles. Moreover, it will also have a screening at the International Film Festival India.