Friday January 27, 2023

‘Privileged’ Prince Harry’s royal war ‘backfiring horribly’

Prince Harry warned his attacks against privileged lifestyle will ‘not land well’

By Web Desk
November 14, 2022

Prince Harry’s attacks on the concept of privilege has come under fire for it is ‘raring to backfire’.

Royal author Gareth Russell made these revelations in his interview with the Royally Us podcast.

Mr Russell started it all off by saying, “Part of the difficulty not just for Prince Harry but anyone writing a memoir from a position of wealth and privilege is this is going to be coming out, particularly in Britain, in the middle of a cost of living crisis and what could be a really tough winter.”

“It might not land as sympathetically as it might have at a more prosperous time,” he also warned during the course of his chat. 

“People thinking there are pensioners who can't turn on their heating so comparisons of what suffering and grief is...if you're born into privilege, it's just different from someone who is struggling to meet their bills. He's someone who very much wants to get this off his chest.”

He also referenced the detrimental aftereffects and added, “I get the sense the Sussexes are hoping for a year of reconciliation, and I think they were hoping that 2023 would be a smoother year with them rebuilding bridges with the Royal Family.”

“But the problem is, once something is out, it's really hard to take it back. I have heard, we have all heard, there's been an attempt to tone down some of the stuff in the memoir. That being said, he's wanted to do this for a very long time.”