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Prince William's wife Kate Middleton at risk of 'being pigeonholed'

Kate, Princess of Wales is often photographed visiting locations reflecting causes close to her heart

By Web Desk
November 14, 2022
Prince Williams wife Kate Middleton at risk of being pigeonholed

Kate Middleton is making all her efforts to project very good image of the royal family with her people-friendly activities, winning hearts.

Prince William's wife is often seen visiting locations reflecting causes close to her heart but, according to royal correspondent Richard Palmer, the Prince of Wales is at risk of "being pigeonholed" as a "bit of light relief" to the world's hard-hitting news headlines.

Mr Palmer told Daily Express Royal Round-Up host Pandora Forsyth, royals are often treated as a "little bit of fluff" to go with the "hard news agenda".

He said: "[Kate] was visiting an integrated children's centre. She was calling for a change in the way that pregnant women, and women who have just had children, are treated in this country."

Prince George, Princess Charlotte's mom was calling for people to be "treated in the same way" in a "non-clinical setting" to explain how they are feeling and end up "getting referred to perinatal psychiatrists or other specialists".

According to Palmer that was a "cute moment", Kate was "in danger" of being "pigeonholed".

The expert shared his thoughts, saying the Prince of Wales Kate often gets "really frustrated" as the focus ends up shifted away from the causes she is trying to highlight.

Earlier this week, Kensington Palace confirmed that no additional information will be provided beforehand about the outfit and accessories the 40-year-old will be wearing on her royal outings.

Mr Palmer added: "Personally, I would just like to, when she does say something interesting, I think we should listen."