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Netflix top 10 movies starring Tom Hanks: Check it out

Netflix top 10 movies for Tom Hanks lovers

By Web Desk
November 08, 2022
Netflix top 10 movies starring Tom Hanks: Check it out

Netflix has movies from a wide array of actors around the world. Tom Hanks being one of Hollywood's top actors, has his own contributions to the movie catalogue. Here is a list of top 10 Tom Hanks movies on the streaming service.

1. Cast Away (2000):

This movie is about the dramatic physical and emotional endurance a man goes through in the face of isolation on a stranded island. A FedEx chief named Chuck Kelly, in a relationship but not yet hitched due to his and his girlfriend's difficult schedules, gets washed shorewards, after the FedEx plane on a work excursion, crashes somewhere South Pacific.

2. Finch (2021):

In this British-American dystopian endurance movie, a robot learns about love, friendship, and the meaning of human life in a post-apocalyptic world, created to protect the life of his maker's dying dog.

3. Forrest Gump (1994):

This movie is based on a 1986 novel of a similar name by Winston Groom, about a dim-witted but kind man named Forest Gump, who accidentally impacts some of America's most significant historical events.

4. The Green Mile (1999):

This movie is about the American dream, based on the 1986 Stephen King novel of a similar name. The head guard of a prison, called Pual, stumbles upon an African American inmate, called John, who is accused of murdering two young girls. Paul's life terrifically changes when he finds out that John has a special mysterious gift.

5. Captain Phillips (2009):

This movie is based on the true events of the 2009 Maersk Alabama hijacking. This movie tells the story of the eponymic Captain Richard Phillips, an American merchant mariner, who was taken hostage by the Somali pirates during the hijacking.

6. The Da Vinci Code (2006):

This American mystery thriller follows a symbologist named Robert Langdon who accompanies a cryptographer from Paris to London in order to solve a bizarre murder. What Robert soon discovers is a religious paradox shielded by a secret ancient society.

7. Angels & Demons (2009):

This is a sequel to The Da Vinci Code which continues symbologist Robert's struggle to keep the secret society from destroying the Vatican City and in the process discovers more secrets.

8. Catch Me If You Can (2002):

Infamous con artist Frank Abagnale has swindled rich people worth millions of dollars with his crafty methods of deception. As the scams get out of hand, he is soon pursued by FBI agent Carl Hanratty.

9. Saving Private Ryan (1998):

Set in the time of the Second World War, on the beaches of Normandy captain John Miller is given the task directly by the top US army chief to bring back Private James Ryan from the mission, after the news of his three brothers, stationed in different locations, becomes known. The movie depicts the gruesome realities of war, and the question of the priority of life looms when death stares one in the face.

10. Bridge of Spies (2015):

James B Donovan is appointed as the defense lawyer of Rudolf Abel, who is arrested under suspicion of being a spy. Eventually, James is asked to negotiate the exchange of Rudolf with US pilot Francis Powers, who was arrested by the USSR.