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‘Pakka Hit Hai’ second round

By Our Correspondent
October 03, 2023

LAHORE:A music website hosted the second round of its highly-anticipated ‘Pakka Hit Hai’ gig. Round two of this series featured an opening act from Towers followed by a headline act by the sensational music producer and composer, Talal Qureshi.

Spotify has continually been committed to fostering an environment where artistes can thrive, and fans can revel in the joy of music. Thus, the ‘Pakka Hit Hai’ gig is not just a concert; it's a celebration of music, creativity, and the power of collaboration.

With the second gig held recently, Spotify brought its listeners along on an incredible musical journey, where hits are not just guaranteed – they're ‘Pakka Hit Hai.’ ‘Pakka Hit Hai’ is Spotify’s first ever playlist that features the best of current Pakistani hits.