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Afghan spy bomber came from Pak:Karzai

- December 08, 2012 - Updated 1428 PKT - From Web Edition

KABUL: Afghan President Hamid Karzai Saturday said a suicide attack that wounded the Afghan intelligence chief was planned in neighboring Pakistan.


Karzai did not provide any evidence to back up his claim, and he did not accuse the Pakistani government of having any role in the attack.


But the president says Afghan officials know with certainty that the suicide attacker who blew himself up Thursday during a meeting with Asadullah Khalid came from Pakistan.


At a news conference Saturday in Kabul, Karzai said Khalid was recovering from the wounds he sustained when the bomber — posing as a messenger of peace — detonated explosives that he had hidden inside his body.


Karzai said his government is investigating the attack and would raise the issue with Islamabad

Reader Comments
US,Karzai and the other Afghan leaders should get off their high horses and focus on establishing peace and normality so that families can return to Afghanistan. In fact the Afghan and US administration must realise that the dissidents are keeping their families in the peace havens of neighbouring countries while the men are fighting in Afghanistan... It would be better if all families are repatriated so that all those shattering the peace will think twice before planning any violence!!!!!

Munir q
United Kingdom
What it means is that there are disgruntled Afghans sitting in foreign countries and they are planning to over throw Karzai regime and rid the country of US occupation. It is immaterial where they are. Karzai should get through his head is that Pakistan has nothing to do with it. Has Afghanistan not had enough of foreign intervention over the last 30 or 40 years? Has the Afghan nation not suffered enough? Can Karzai &Co not establish normality so that refugees can return home??

Munir q
United Kingdom
Karzai a thug, always critizes or blame to defend his corroupt govt. I know this guy since 1982 when he was a parasite on US government.

mohammad Ansari
And Pakistanis know with certainty that Talibans who attack PAK Army checkposts come from Afghanistan, and that Mullah Fazlullah is based in Afghanistan!

Evidently, it's a crying shame for the Afghans to have such a corrupt, idiot and dolt person like Karzai, to be called the president of Afghanistan. He will be out of the presidential palace in 2014, and will spend the rest of his life behind the bars for all his wrongdoings and national treason being on the payroll of the despotic and pariah Iranian mullahs.

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