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Thursday, April 25, 2013
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Islamabad: The All-Pakistan Ulema Council (APUC) his holding a one-day conference in Islamabad today (Thursday) at a local hotel to take up the issue of right of vote to the women in the forthcoming general elections in the country.


APUC Chairman and Member of the Islamic Ideological Council (IIC) Allaha Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi said that leaders and representatives from all the major religious and political parties have been invited to attend the conference to discuss this issue.


“It has been observed that in some parts of the country there are certain elements who have been propagating against the right of vote to the women, almost ordering them to stay away from the election process and refrain from casting their votes,” Allama Ashrafi said while talking to ‘The News’.


He said that the APUC has been deliberating upon the issue with the religious scholars all over the country since this disturbing news starting coming up. “There is a consensus among the Ulema and Mashaikh as well as the politicians that there is nothing in Islam which may be attributed as barring women from participating in the election activity or prevent them from casting their vote to elect the political leaders of their free choice,” the APUC chairman said.