Thursday December 01, 2022

‘India on cusp of Muslim genocide’

By Our Correspondent
October 06, 2022

LAHORE/ISLAMABAD: With the multiple video footages of Muslims being publicly flogged by Hindu fanatics surfacing on the internet, analysts believe that India is fast heading towards the much-feared stage of genocide.

Recently, an upsurge in lynching and mistreating of Muslim youngsters has been observed in India, especially during the religious festival Garba. In multiple incidents, the right-wing Hindu extremist mob maltreated Muslims around the said religious festival.

On October 3 and 4, three incidents were reported where the state machinery supported Hindu extremists in their anti-Muslim agenda. “India has all of the preparatory stages for more genocidal massacres,” according to Dr Gregory Stanton, the founder of the Genocide Watch. Dr Stanton had predicted a genocide in Rwanda years before it took place in 1994. Now he has warned of an impending genocide of Muslims in India, comparing the situation of the country under the Narendra Modi government to events in Myanmar and Rwanda.

In the state of Gujarat, nine Muslim men were publicly flogged by Hindu extremists while the crowd chanted nationalist slogans and the state machinery including police reportedly supervised and supported the torture.

In a separate incident in Jharkand, 22-year-old Ejaz Ansari was beaten to death by an RSS mob with axes and batons. In the Mandsaur city of Madhya Pradesh, 19 Muslim youths were arrested on fake charges of disturbing the Garba festival. The International Human Rights Foundation took notice of the incident and asked the government of India to take notice of the incident.

“Yet another video of a prominent Hindu supremacist singer calling on Hindus to buy weapons and prepare themselves for a war to turn India into a Hindu nation. The world can no more ignore what’s happening in India. Muslims are at the cusp of genocide,” the Indian American Muslim Council wrote on Twitter. The analysts believe that India is becoming a Hindu Rashtra where Muslims will be forced to live as second-class citizens and will be persecuted and murdered.