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Rescue 1122 responds to 261 emergencies in Lower Dir

October 03, 2022

TIMERGARA: The Rescue 1122 responded to a total of 261 emergencies across the district and provided timely services to 237 citizens, a report said. District Emergency Officer Ibrar Ali issued the performance report for the month of September.

The report said the Rescue 1122 control room in Lower Dir district received a total of 7,039 calls during September out of which 261 were genuine emergency calls whereas 6,778 were non-essential calls.

The Rescue 1122 teams provided first aid to patients and injured persons on the spot and shifted them to nearby hospitals for further treatment. The report said that 203 of the total genuine emergency calls were medical emergencies.

The Rescue 1122 teams responded to a total of 27 road accidents, eight related to fire, two incidents related to clashes and firing, 19 miscellaneous emergencies and two drowning incidents, it added. The Rescue 1122 officials shifted 261 patients referred by doctors under its ambulance referral service to different hospitals within and out of the district.