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Yasmin opens modern MRI machine in Jinnah Hospital

By Our Correspondent
September 27, 2022

LAHORE: Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid inaugurated the modern MRI machine in Jinnah Hospital Lahore here on Monday. MS Jinnah Hospital Dr Yahya Sultan, Gohar Ijaz, faculty members, doctors and nurses were also present on the occasion.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr Yasmin said that the patients coming to Jinnah Hospital would get a lot of convenience through the MRI machine. She added the government was completing the development work in the public hospitals of Punjab while 11 mother and child hospitals were being built in Punjab. “We are trying to improve the conditions of government hospitals in Punjab,” she said and added free medicines were being provided to patients in all government hospitals.

Punjab Health Minister further said that an imported government was imposed on the country at the moment. She added that the audio recording of Maryam Bibi was extremely shameful and alleged that the Sharif family had put the country’s integrity at stake for the sake of business relations with India. Dr Yasmin alleged that the PMLN government had always looted public money and the tragedy of Pakistan was that former finance minister Ishaq Dar who had sunk the country’s treasury in the past was now coming to sink it again.