Friday December 08, 2023

Government asked to complete road projects in Tirah

September 26, 2022

TIRAH: The residents of the Maidan area in Tirah valley on Sunday asked the government to speed up work on development projects.

Talking to The News, Insaf Traders Union Tirah president Sher Muhammad Afridi said the development schemes, including roads, bridges and drinking water projects could not be completed in the last several years.

He said the development projects were launched when the government restored its writ in Tirah valley seven years ago. Afridi maintained the government had allocated millions of rupees funds for development schemes. He added the government had built roads in the Maidan area but substandard material was used in the construction.

He said the road from the Dawatoi to Bar Bagh was washed away by the recent flash floods due to torrential rains. “There are three bridges in Maidan area on the rivers including Tan, Mainz Bagh and Bar Bagh but these could not be completed in the last six years,” he claimed,

Sher Muhammad said they had asked the contractors and other responsible officials to complete the remaining work but to no avail. He added the contractors had told them that the government had not passed the bills.

He said the local people and tourists were facing a host of problems due to the poor condition of the roads.

Another trader Haleem Shah Afridi said the traders, shopkeepers and other people were facing a host of problems. He asked the government to help ensure the completion of the uplift projects and undertake the remaining work on the road projects to facilitate the local population.