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Zardari’s days numbered: Imran

Zardari has a disease of making money, now everyone should be ready, we will fight him, says Imran Khan

By News Report & Our Correspondent
September 06, 2022
PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Photo File
PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Photo File

SUKKUR: PTI Chairman Imran Khan Monday said PPP co-Chairman and former president Asif Ali Zardari’s days were numbered, urging the youth to ready to fight and defeat him in Sindh.

Addressing an event here, Imran said Zardari had installed a ‘system of injustice’ in Sindh, adding that he had stolen Sindh’s money and transferred it abroad. “Zardari has a disease of making money; now everyone should be ready. We will fight him,” he added.

Imran said the rural areas of Sindh were left far behind in terms of development due to the loot and plunder of ‘Zardari mafia’.

Talking about the arrest of PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh, Imran said that he was being treated inhumanely. The PTI chairman also visited the camp of flood victims in Sukkur and was apprised of the problems faced by them.

He was accompanied by former Sindh governor Imran Ismail, PTI Sindh President Ali Zaidi, Mahmood Moulvi and other PTI leaders. The PTI chairman also had a lunch with the floodvictims at the relief camp.

Imran said flood disaster was a very painful situation, adding that Sindh faced the worst floods than other provinces. He announced another telethon to help the victims of Sindh. He further said his team will tell him which area should get the relief first. “From the money we have collected, Rs1 billion will be provided to the flood-affected people of Sindh province”, Imran said.

Under the Insaf relief programme, hundreds of trucks have reached Sukkur with relief goods from Punjab. The aid supplies include tents, mosquito nets, rations and wooden beds. Imran said it had been decided to first complete reconstruction of houses in the affected cities through a special relief fund.

“We will improve the drainae system of Sindh, keeping in view the climate change. We have planned to plant 10 billion trees”, he added. Imran vowed he will not leave the flood-stricken people alone saying if his party got another chance to rule the country, he will build dams to save the country from floods. He dubbed Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari a security risk. Imran said it was inappropriate to link his statement with the military and its leadership. “Each general and Pakistani citizen is a patriot,” he said, adding, “Dawnleaks and Memogate reflect the PDM leaders’ thinking about the army,” he charged.