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Psycho-social session arranged for traffic wardens

By Our Corresponded
August 26, 2022

MANSEHRA: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police on Thursday organised the first ever psycho-social session with the traffic wardens to bring them out of stress and strain.

“The mental health and moral characteristics are highly crucial for the delivery of good services and public dealing and this is why we organised this session on how wardens could perform their duty more efficiently,” Farooq Shah, a senior traffic police officer, told the session.

The wardens from Mansehra, Oghi, Baffa-Pakhal, Balakot and Darband tehsils showed up at the session. The doctors from the Victim Support Services which provides psycho-socio help to the victims of sexual harassment held interaction sessions with participating wardens.

The traffic wardens were told of the ways to vanish all sorts of stresses to better manage their lives.

“You should spend time with your family and be part of gatherings and function and vanish whatever is in your mind about your professional responsibilities,” said Dr Lubna, a resource person. She suggested some physical and breathing exercises for wardens who could get out of the stress and strain.

“Hectic working hours sometimes influence your personalities bitterly but it doesn’t mean you make it an excuse to treat others harshly,” Dr Lubna added.

Managing Director of Noor College, Abdul Shakoor, said that the traffic wardens were the soft image of the Police Department and they should maintain the sanctity of their department while at duty.

Speaking at the session, Nisar Khan Swati, the former president of the press club, asked the traffic wardens not to lose their temper.