Wednesday September 28, 2022

Sindh may abolish PhD degree requirement for appointment of VCs

August 19, 2022

The Sindh government might make a controversial decision to abolish the requirement of a PhD degree and 15 research papers in connection with the appointment of vice chancellors in the universities of the province.

Moreover, civil servants, college teachers, officers of grade 17 or above of private or public institutions might also be eligible to apply for the post of vice chancellor. However, they would need 20 years of experience, including 10 years of administrative experience.

The age limit for the post of vice chancellor might also be reduced from 65 years to 62 years. In connection with the appointment of vice chancellors, Universities & Boards Secretary Mureed Rahimoon has sent a summary to the chief minister of the province, recommending that a new advertisement be issued for the Dawood Engineering University and the Sukkur Women University.

Dr Aslam Aqeeli’s was the first among the three names sent by the search committee in the Dawood Engineering University last year, while Dr Anila Atta-ur-Rehman’s was the first among the three names sent six months ago for the Sukkur Women University. The summary for the appointment of the two VCs is still awaiting approval.

In the summary sent to the CM, Rahimoon has sought permission to advertise the post of Larkana Medical University VC Dr Anila, who was suspended by the secretary on the basis of a wrong medical report of a student who had committed suicide, but she was reinstated by a court.

The summary sought permission to advertise for the appointment of VCs in six universities: the Mehran Engineering University, the Liaquat Medical University, the Skill Development University Khairpur, the IBA Sukkur, the Shaheed Allah Bakhsh University of Arts & Design and the Aror University Sukkur.

If the CM approves this summary, for the first time in the history of Sindh, the names of the VCs of the Dawood Engineering University and the Sukkur Women University selected on merit by the search committee will be rejected. It will become possible to select vice chancellors without PhDs and research papers, following which the way will be paved for bureaucrats to become VCs instead of academics.