Friday September 29, 2023

300m saplings arranged for monsoon plantation drive

By Our Correspondent
August 17, 2022

Islamabad : The climate change ministry has arranged some 300 million saplings in coordination with the provincial governments that would be planted under countrywide monsoon tree plantation campaign.

According to the details, the saplings would also be planted in the Margallah Hills National Park, the catchment areas of the Simly Dam, greenbelts, parks and other areas of the capital city.

The plantation target is less than that of the previous year because target of monsoon plantation for 2021 was 500 million plants to restore the fractured forests of the country and minimize whooping effects of environmental degradation.

The monsoon tree plantation campaign aims at making people aware that trees not only add to the beauty of the natural environment, but they are also a major source of oxygen, so more efforts should be made to grow more trees and make the environment healthy.

It is not the responsibility of only the government, rather everyone should come forward and take part in this cause to ensure a healthy environment in the country.

There is an important link between trees and human life, as trees have a positive impact on the surrounding environment and provide a healthy atmosphere for human beings.

An official of the climate change ministry has said “The monsoon plantation campaign is an important event with regard to enhancing tree cover in the country.”

“The federal government along with the provincial governments is taking measures to ensure maximum survival rate that has already witnessed increase in the recent years,” he said.

He said “The tree plantation campaigns can prove to be decisive in improving the country’s forest cover that currently stands at just below 6 per cent, as opposed to the internationally recommended 25 per cent.”