Thursday October 06, 2022

Power outages, tripping & low voltage irk Pindiites

August 15, 2022

Rawalpindi : Hours-long power blackouts in the name of a technical fault or system overload coupled with water shortages have been irking citizens of different localities of the city for months but the concerned authority has not budged an inch to address the issue once and for all.

The residents of Adiala-Sub Division have been major sufferers of prolonged power outages, tripping, low voltage, and transformer burning issues but Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) officials are not rising from the deep slumber and addressing the issue and as a result, the consumers of the locality have to spend sleepless nights under open sky due to suspension of power supply.

The residents of Adiala Sub Division had to bear power tripping 17 times, low voltage six times and eight hours of power blackout from 10:50 pm Saturday night till the filing of this report on Sunday.

The residents of the city even had to face prolonged power outages even on Independence Day on Sunday as well.

Apart from power outages, tripping, and low voltage, the residents of Adiala Sub Division also have to face financial losses due to the burning of electrical home appliances like air conditioners, fans, tubelights, bulbs, room coolers, refrigerators etc.

The Adiala Sub Division Superintendent (Linesmen) Muhammad Khawar told ‘The News’ that consumers were facing excessive tripping and low voltage due to system overload. “Staff is busy to resolve this issue,” he claimed. He also said that several transformers were also burnt due to system overload.

It merits to mention here that outdated electricity transformers and a poor supply system have been creating problems for consumers for months despite the fact that the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) is a profitable department but it has not been providing quality transformers, wires, jumpers, poles, meters, and other items for smooth and uninterrupted electricity to the public. The residents of Adiala Road, Defence Road, Caltex Road, Saleha Street, Mubarak Lane, Dhoke Juma, Usama Street, and several other localities have been facing prolonged power blackouts in the name of technical faults as a routine but Iesco officials seem least interested in addressing public grievances.

Meanwhile, Iesco officials on condition of anonymity told ‘The News’ that Ieco’s procurement department does not even purchase necessary items like jumpers, meters, and wires. All transformers have become outdated as they have completed their life. “We have repaired all feeders four to five times and they are unable to remain functional anymore,” the officials claimed. The single-phase meters were not available for over a year and as a result, we have to bear brunt of public anger, the officials said.

The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Muhammad Amjad in a statement to ‘The News’ denied all facts and said that the department has excessive items. “We are providing uninterrupted light to all areas of the city, he claimed in his statement.

Talking to ‘The News’ Muhammad Waheed, a resident of Saleha Street said they were suffering due to power outages in sweltering weather. He said they were spending restless days and sleepless nights with severe water shortages. He said his sons could not go to school after spending sleepless nights.

Shazia Saeed, a housewife said power outages were creating severe troubles for kids and patients. She urged the authorities concerned to look into the matter. She also appealed to the prime minister to take immediate action against Iesco for failing to address basic public grievances.