Tuesday September 26, 2023


August 13, 2022

Betaali Prem Katha

The National Academy of Performing Arts is hosting a play inspired by a tale from the ancient Sanskrit epic ‘Kathasaritsagara’, and follows the story of a boy who meets a creature with magical powers and a knack for telling stories. Titled ‘Betaali Prem Katha’, the play will run at 8pm until August 21 at the Zia Mohyeddin Theatre. Call 0300-0899906 for more information.

Emblems of Here, Then and Now

The VM Art Gallery is hosting an art exhibition featuring works by Haniya Ali Athar and Amna Suheyl. Titled ‘Emblems of Here, Then and Now’, the show will run at the gallery until August 20. Call 0345-7787663 for more information.