Friday August 19, 2022

‘Sporting activities at Kakri Ground likely to begin by end of October’

June 27, 2022

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Administrator Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Sunday said that the Kakri Ground will be a gift to the people of the Lyari neighbourhood.

Wahab, who is also the spokesman for the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) Sindh government and the adviser on law to the chief minister of the province, said that the ground is being converted into a full-fledged sports complex.

During his visit to the Kakri Ground in Lyari, the city administrator also said that the development work of the ground is in full swing, with sporting activities expected to begin by the end of October this year.

He said that they have worked hard to restore the lights of the city, and that they have achieved considerable success in the pursuit of that goal. “We have also carried out development work in the areas where PPP-affiliated public representatives have not been elected,” said Wahab, adding that the foundation stone of the Kakri Ground was laid in February.

He said that Lyari and the PPP are inseparable, as the hearts of the people of Lyari beat with the PPP. The provincial government will provide all the facilities to the people of Lyari, he added.

“Development projects are under construction in other areas of Karachi without any discrimination. Playgrounds, parks and open spaces are being restored in the city,” he pointed out.

Earlier, the road in front of the Kakri Ground was restored, and now construction work is under way at the Kakri Ground. The administrator said that a football ground, a squash court, table tennis and boxing areas, and other indoor facilities will be provided in the sport complex.

He said that their aim is that the youth of Lyari can be provided with sporting facilities in their own area. He also said that the youth of Lyari are talented and have a prominent place in the world of sports.

He reminded everyone present on the occasion that Lyari has produced world-class athletes in football, boxing, cycling and various other sports who have made Pakistan famous all over the world.

He said that the condition of the parks in the old city areas is also being improved, while internal roads are being rebuilt. Project Director Nazir Memon briefed the administrator on the details of the development works with the help of maps and charts.

Shakeel Chaudhry, who is the PPP’s deputy information secretary for the party’s Karachi Division, Khalil Hoot, who is the PPP’s president for the South district, and other officers were also present on the occasion.