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Stern action against Imran Khan decided

A case is being registered on account of the speeches and Imran Khan will have to face a probe for his assertions

By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir
May 09, 2022
PTI Chairman Imran Khan speaks at a press conference. Photo PTI
PTI Chairman Imran Khan speaks at a press conference. Photo PTI

ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to take stern action against deposed prime minister Imran Khan over his recent speeches, especially his Abbottabad accusations levelled on Sunday afternoon in which he used obnoxious language against all national and significant institutions.

A case is being registered on account of the speeches and Imran will have to face a probe for his assertions. Well-placed sources in the administration told The News here Sunday that record of his speeches had been gathered by the authorities concerned. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan and State Minister Abdul Rehman Kanju would supervise the action.

Sources made it clear that the PTI chairman and other leaders, who used filthy language in the public meetings about the dignitaries holding responsible positions, will also be booked under the relevant offences in a day or two. Their arrest could not be ruled out in near future, the sources said.

In the meanwhile, the government has chalked out a strategy to frustrate the opposition PTI planning for jamming big cities including the federal capital through a sudden declaration of lockdown as part of its so-called country-wide long march.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan is understood to give a call for the march in the last week of the current month. Well-placed political sources told The News on Sunday that the PTI had planned to jam big cities simultaneously with the announcement of a march. It will be enforced through lock-down of the cities. A list for the purpose has already been finalised. Sources said the PTI had planned to gather its workers quietly in and around the federal capital just before the D-Day for initiation of the march. The government has asked the authorities concerned to keep a vigilant eye on such a movement.

Sources said the PTI local leaders have earmarked the points where obstructions will be erected so that the lock-down is enforced. The workers have been silently advised to not desist from resistance through any act in case the lock-down is broken. The fear has been expressed that the large-scale clashes would hard to be avoided in that case.

The administration would deal with such activity as an effort to subvert the law and order under the strict legal provisions. The sources pointed out that the PTI leadership has also conveyed to the local leadership that the government would go for massive arrests of PTI leaders and activists in the backdrop of the preparations for the protest and long march. They have been advised to avoid arrest, but in case arrests are made, the back-up plan should be ready for implementation. In that case, instructions would be issued by the second tier of the leadership that would be in-touch with the top leadership.

Sources pointed out that monitoring rooms would be set up in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore from where the senior authorities would keep watching the whole activity. The party chairman has asked the rank and file of the party to put up their best to make his call effective and fruitful.