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FIA warns overseas Pakistanis

An inquiry has been initiated against anchorperson Sami Ibrahim for allegedly transmitting "anti-state" videos and statements on various social media platforms

May 09, 2022
All the Pakistani expatriates are advised by the FIA to desist from spreading chaos in Pakistan.
All the Pakistani expatriates are advised by the FIA to desist from spreading chaos in Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Sunday warned the overseas Pakistanis who are allegedly involved in committing offences on the social media that their names can be put on the Exit Control List (ECL) and can be issued red notices through Interpol to arrest them.

According to a press release issued by the FIA: “All the Pakistani expatriates are advised to desist from spreading chaos in Pakistan. Their social media posts must not be offensive and seditious. They must read the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 to make sure that their social media posts do not constitute any offence.”

It further said: “If they commit any offence, the red notices through Interpol can be issued to arrest them and their names can be put on the Exit Control List (ECL).”

It advised: “They need to avoid committing any offence on social media, and the advisory is only for offenders. Any attempts by anyone, staying anywhere in the world to create disturbance in Pakistan or to defame dignity of a natural person or to act against modesty of a natural person through fake news or fake videos, are against the laws of Pakistan. Such attempts are punishable under Pakistani laws. The offenders will be prosecuted in Pakistan whenever possible. Hence, anyone must avoid committing any such offences through any media platform.”

As far as the state institutions are concerned, the statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) after the 79th Formation Commanders’ Conference, held on April 12, also stated: “The forum took note of the recent propaganda by some quarters to malign the Pakistan Army and create division between the institution and society. The national security of Pakistan is sacrosanct and the Pakistan Army has always stood by the state institutions to guard it and always will do same, without any compromise.”

When former prime minister Imran Khan was ousted through a no-trust motion by the opposition parties, hashtags against the state institutions and some key figures remained top trends on the social media platforms. Later, Azhar Mashwani, a top leader of the PTI’s social media team and a former focal person to the Punjab chief minister on digital media, rejected reports that the PTI’s social media team was behind the online campaign against the state institutions. “Our party’s support base comprises millions of people, and we are not responsible for every word they say on the digital media,” he added.

Some quarters have also raised questions about the warning issued by the FIA, stating: “FIA seems to go beyond its statutory mandate. After the judgment of Islamabad High Court (IHC), offence under Section 20 of the PECA 2016 is non cognizable, so how can FIA hurl threat of arrest in a press release. It is tantamount to intimidation of journalists and contempt of court.”

Meanwhile, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has initiated an inquiry against anchorperson Sami Ibrahim for allegedly transmitting "anti-state" videos and statements on various social media platforms. The FIA issued a press release on Sunday that accused Ibrahim of being “involved in spreading fake news regarding state institutions".“He has made imputations which are glaring attempts to incite armed forces personnel to mutiny. He has attempted to create chaos in Pakistan through media while staying abroad," it added.

Ibrahim is a TV anchor and has interviewed a number of high-profile figures, including former prime minister Imran Khan.

The FIA said he would have an opportunity to defend himself in the inquiry which would be closed if he ably defended himself. Otherwise, the press release said, if the offence was made out, then a case would be registered against him and he would be arrested and prosecuted in court.

The press release said that an Interpol red notice would be issued for him since he was abroad and his name would be placed on the Exit Control List (ECL).

The watchdog also issued an attendance notice to the anchor which ordered him to appear at the FIA Cybercrime Reporting Centre in Islamabad on May 13 (Friday) at 11am to record his defence, otherwise it would be assumed that he had nothing to present in his defence and procedure under Section 174 (non-attendance in obedience to an order from public servant) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) would be adopted against him.

The attendance notice mentioned the state as the complainant and said the inquiry was registered on May 6. It said the inquiry was being initiated under Section 20 of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (Peca) 2016, (which had criminalised defamation), read with Section 505 (statement conducing to public mischief) of the PPC. The notice said the anchor had intentionally and publicly shared an alleged video on social media in which "false and frivolous" allegations were made against senior government functionaries.

"Furthermore, you have built a narrative with ill intent to cause intimidation and unrest between government officials/personnel of armed forces and the general public," it added.

For his part, Ibrahim confirmed on Twitter that a case has been filed against him. He added that he had discussed the matter with his lawyer who had conveyed to the FIA that he was abroad and he would be returning to the country on May 14 (Saturday).

It is pertinent to mention here that the Islamabad High Court (IHC) last month declared the Prevention of Electronic Crimes (Amendment) Ordinance as the Peca-2016's section 20, which criminalises defamation. The FIA had sought Section 20's restoration on Saturday by filing a petition before the Supreme Court to challenge the order of the IHC. However, hours later Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb announced that the petition stood "withdrawn immediately" after journalists and media bodies expressed serious concern over the move and demanded immediate withdrawal of the petition.

The FIA further cautioned Pakistani-origin expatriates against "spreading chaos" in the country while abroad and warned that their social media posts must not be "offensive or seditious" otherwise action would be pursued against them.


    matbal aye ki tum mulq ko jahannum banao aur sab chup rahen commented 9 months ago

    matbal aye ki tum mulq ko jahannum banao aur sab chup rahen

    71 7

    Hassan commented 9 months ago

    Dear FIA, these people are earning for your bread

    55 4

    Farjad Ali commented 9 months ago

    I hold based on this warning, FIA will issue warrant against NS for abusing armed force leadership.

    62 0

    Mazher commented 9 months ago

    Threatening those who are sending their hard-earned money to avoid default and bankruptcy of the country FIA better apprehend goons who are destroying the country through corruption.

    75 3

      Mohammad Ansari commented 9 months ago

      FIA should root out the corrupt PMLN members and follow thru the outstanding cases. Also, we as the citizens of Pakistan want fresh elections and also changes of the top generals, dishonest judges, and removing of these thieves and criminals running the Govt.

    Irfan commented 9 months ago

    what do you expect from the staff of NARCO interior minister, freedom of speech my foot

    38 2

    Rons commented 9 months ago

    Stop remitting your hard-earned savings to looters, chors,khanzeer and khabeez, shooters and killers, beggars and traitors.

    49 3

      Talib Wasti commented 9 months ago

      They remit to feed their families and not the country. Stop remittances and their families will suffer more than the country. Let’s see if they can stop the remittance.

    Shamael commented 9 months ago

    Bhai jaan! Yeh mulk rehnay k qabil nahi hai

    20 6

      Ehtisham Haider commented 9 months ago

      Agreed. Just wasted whole life in this country and the system. No future for my children and it will keep going this way. I don't see any hope for a change except only two families and their generations will enjoy the wealth and authority. We are born slaves.

    Zafar commented 9 months ago

    I challenge FIA to do such an act. FIA can never to even do so. Pakistan is my country and I own it and we will never stop saying truth. But the laws here abroad for me are more secure. I request you to just try such act please.

    32 1

    Abdul Ahad Najmi commented 9 months ago

    Timely warning. Lawton ke bhoot baaton se nahe mante

    16 21

      Ehtisham Haider commented 9 months ago

      70+ saloon say ghulami hi kur rahay hain, is mulk main bachoon ka koi mustaqbil nazar naheen aata. Pakistan bananay walay sub chalay gay, un kay bachay burhay ho gay, or ab aik or nai nasal tyaar hay us mulk kay liya jahan koi future naheen

    OK, First Arrest Altaf Hussain, Nawaz Sharif, and Hussain Haqqani. commented 9 months ago

    OK, First Arrest Altaf Hussain, Nawaz Sharif, and Hussain Haqqani.

    68 3

    Raj commented 9 months ago

    Overseas should stop sending money for just one month as a protest. Established includes corrupt judicial system are behind the destruction of Pakistan. When Karachi was stripped off of its capital that was the turning point of Pakistan's downfall.

    7 0

    Anonymous commented 9 months ago

    FIA should investigate, identify such people and also think about taking away their Pakistani citizenship. Find out their family roots and where are these people actually from.

    8 27

      Ehtisham Haider commented 9 months ago

      Idiot we are not living in Israel and people are living on their ancestral lands which belong to them and which make up Pakistan. Try it.

    Khan.Baba commented 9 months ago

    So basically, it is an invitation for Pakistani people, to make silence, to accept the change whether negative and defuse their nationality and stop pride to be a Pakistani.

    15 0

    Suleiman Haq commented 9 months ago

    Yeh jo overseas Pakistani hain, inhe Pakistan ki asliyat ki jaankari nahee hai. Yeh bas fizool ki baatein karke hum Pakistaniyon par julm karte hain. Yeh bahu hee achchee takreer hai unke liye

    4 19

      Muhammad Shahid commented 9 months ago

      You are Indian - for sure

    Hassan commented 9 months ago

    If all expats stop sending their earnings/savings for a couple of months, the present scenario of the country will change just like Sri Lanka, and all those who are warning us will be confined in their homes to find bread for their families.

    5 1

    Mahrouf Hussain commented 9 months ago

    Well, I would request all overseas Pakistanis not to SEND ANY MONEY IN PAKISTAN till Imran Khan is back in power. although poor Pakistanis will suffer but that's the only way we can teach this government a lesson....

    7 1

      Kay M commented 9 months ago

      Don’t worry, I know a bunch of Pakistanis who already stopped sending money.

    Changez Khan commented 9 months ago

    The thugs, looters and corrupts are nervous and barking now. No, the overseas will continue to speak and criticize the current corrupt government.

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    Mr.Shaf commented 9 months ago

    Threatening the people who are educated and understand what's going on in Pakistan. Threatening the ones who are keeping the economy going via their remittances the ones who send funds to Pakistan we don't steal and take it out of the country. Current government is a JOKE caroons

    6 0

    Kaleem commented 9 months ago

    This isn't from FIA but from the Chor Govt. Shame on Imported Govt.

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    Zaka Ullah commented 9 months ago

    Sir koi mujy fb pay thang kr raha hai

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    Pervez Nooruddin commented 9 months ago

    I guess this is a Cease and Desist warning to nonresident Pakistanis who care and are open-minded to speak out and spread the news while the state agencies controlled by convicted criminals rule our motherland to plunder and loot.

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    Mz commented 9 months ago

    What a bunch of jahils. They don’t realize that freedom to express views cannot have red notices sent through Interpol. These are tactics outdated and only work in Pakistan.

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    We are more concern as we are away and had to compromise our beloved ones commented 9 months ago

    Please get serious, not emotional

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    Dr. Syed Niaz Ahsan commented 9 months ago

    Mr. FIA; Stop terrorizing Pakistan loyalists, instead go and check on Maryam and Zardari

    6 0

    Mirza Baig commented 9 months ago

    Oh please don't bite the hand that feeds you

    7 0

    Kay M commented 9 months ago

    First, catch those corrupt politicians and generals who are roaming freely in Pakistan. I challenge you to issue red warrants against any expatriate and then see the result. Pakistan will become bankrupt in hours.

    4 0

    اگر آرمی چیف غدار ی کرے تو فوج میں اس کو ہٹانے کا کوئی بھی طریقہ ہے commented 9 months ago

    اگر آرمی چیف غدار ی کرے تو فوج میں اس کو ہٹانے کا کوئی بھی طریقہ ہے

    6 0

    Sohail Rashid commented 9 months ago

    Where was this FIA when Nawaz and Maryam use threatening and insulting language against COAS and serving Generals

    7 0

    Adnan A commented 9 months ago

    The biggest spreader of disinformation Maryam Aurangzeb and Maryam Nawaz for your kind and information FIA. Foreign-based Pakistani pay most of the bills of Pakistani government in the form of remittance

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    These all belongs from a fasicst pti youth's. commented 9 months ago

    The country is beyond the party and FIA should bring all those culprits under justice as it happens in USA like shoot and dead.

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    اصغر علی commented 9 months ago

    اسلام علیکم۔ اسلام پاکستان اور پاک فوج زندہ باد۔۔۔اگر کسی کو اسلام پاکستان یہ پاک فوج سے تکلیف ہیں وہ پاکستان سے چلا جائے ۔۔پاک فوج زندہ باد۔انشاءاللہ میرا بیٹا فوجی بنے گا

    3 3

      Mahwiz commented 9 months ago

      Yaha bat kia ho ha or tu kiya bol rha ha bhi

    Then hang Mariam Nawaz first then give such orders commented 9 months ago

    Then hang Mariam Nawaz first then give such orders

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      Umar farooq commented 9 months ago

      Hum koi job bi nhi maltya request Hy prime minister Shahbaz sharif sa Hum job dye jaya plzzzzzzz

    Shaheryar commented 9 months ago

    PML N and its allies are a piece of shit

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    Nihal commented 9 months ago

    Jab jahil log idaro may hogay to yahi hoga

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    PECA nawaz shareef pe bhi lagao jo fauj ko london mai beth k gali deta hai. commented 9 months ago

    PECA nawaz shareef pe bhi lagao jo fauj ko london mai beth k gali deta hai.

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    Concerned Expat commented 9 months ago

    It’s time to teach them power of expats. We should stop sending hard-earned money except for what’s barely needed there. Is this a 19th-century Middle East where they will suppress social media? FIA joined SC and Army for being state-sponsored monarchs!

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    FIA ھے پاکستان میں لگ تو نئی رھا جو کچھ ھو رھا ھے commented 9 months ago

    FIA ھے پاکستان میں لگ تو نئی جس طرح کے حلات ھیں ملک کے

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