Saturday December 09, 2023

‘IMF programme dangerous for national security’

By Our Correspondent
May 07, 2022

LAHORE:Tanzeem-e-Islami (TI) ameer Shujauddin Shaikh has warned that undertaking the IMF programme, unreservedly, is a clear danger for the security of country.

In a statement on Friday, he said when PTI government revived the IMF programme, TI and the present rulers who were in opposition at that time, had vehemently condemned the PTI government and called the IMF programme extremely alarming for the national security. He expressed distress that now the present government is trying its utmost to revive the same IMF programme, on tougher conditions.

He said this attitude and behaviour of our politicians is a consistent hurdle in the progress, prosperity and self-reliance of the country. He said notwithstanding the IMF conditions, we must get rid of all kinds of riba-based loans because Pakistan is an Islamic ideological state and there can be no place for riba-based borrowing.