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Neck-and-neck contest between PTI, PMLN in next elections

By News Desk
February 21, 2022

KARACHI: A new opinion poll has found most respondents expecting a neck and neck contest between the ruling PTI and PMLN at the time of next general elections. While 23pc preferred to caste vote for PTI as their first choice, another 22pc expressed to favour PMLN, 10pc for PPP and 3pc for JUIF. This was the outcome of the latest Gallup Pakistan poll conducted from Dec 22 to Dec 31 comprising 5000 people.

While there is wafer thing majority of those preferring to caste vote for PMLN at the national level, but they have a clear edge in Punjab where 30pc respondents favoured Nawaz Sharif led party, followed by 24pc opted for PTI. However, in KPK, PTI is a clear favourite with 32pc terming the Imran Khan led party as their top choice, followed by 15pc preferring PMLN. In case of Sindh ad Balochistan, PPP remains first choice and PTI is the second option.

During the next general elections, 23pc respondents of the current Gallup Pakistan survey found PTI as their top choice, while 22pc showed preference for PMLN, 10pc for PPP, 3 pc JUIF,2pc TLP, 1pc for Independents, I pc for ANP, 1pc Jamaat-e-Islami, 1pc for PMLQ. Another 1pc expressed preference for PSP, MQM Pakistan, MMA, 3pc said they would vote for some other party, 22pc said either they would not vote for anyone or they were indecisive at this moment of time.

In case of Punjab, PMLN has a clear support with 30 respondents declaring PMLN as their top choiee, 24pc PTI, 5pc PPP, 2pc TLP, 1pc PMLQ, 1pc JUIF, 1pc Jamaat-e-Islami,2pc Independents, 3pc any other party, 22pc would not like to vote at all.

The Gallup Pakistan found PTI to be the top favourite in KPK with 32pc respondents expressing their preference to vote for Imran Khan led party, 15pc for PMLN, 9pc for JUIF, 6pc PPP, 4pc ANP, 2pc Jamaat-e-Islami, 1pc TLP, 1pc Independents, 2pc for any other party and 17pc would not want to vote for any one.

In Sindh PPP remained a clear favourite for 21pc respondents of the poll, followed by 18pc for PTI, 9pc PMLN, 2pc JUIF, 1pc PMLQ, 1pc TLP, 1pc Jamaat-e-Islami, 1 pc ANP, 1 pc for Independents, 1pc for MQM Pakistan, PSP, MMA, 4pc for any other party, 28pc either do not want to vote at all or told the pollster they were indecisive now.

A large number of 22pc respondents in Balochistan, described PPP as their top choice, 19 PTI, 11 JUIF, 10pc PMLN, 8pcANP, 5pc Balochistan Awami Party. Interstingly less than one pc respondents liked to vote for Jamaat-e-Islami, less than one pc PSP, less than one pc Independents. But, 19pc were clear not to vote for any of the political parties.