Sunday May 22, 2022

For a cause

January 28, 2022

Discrimination against Muslims is quite common in the West. Countries which promote the message of inclusivity and tolerance in other regions have comfortably turned a blind eye towards this discrimination. Ten years ago, I made a four-step plan to fight a case for Muslims. I started a YouTube channel which focuses on the teachings of Islam. Titled ‘Introduction of Islam for Native European Non-Muslims’, the channel offers insight into the religion which is often misrepresented. I also took steps to collect information about Muslims living in Europe. Every country should be thoughtful of the religious beliefs of its people. In the West, many Muslims cannot practise their religious duties because many places – including workplaces – are not ready to accommodate them. Governments of these countries should allow Muslims to use a loudspeaker for azaan (call to prayer) which takes about 10 minutes and construct mosques in Muslim-majority areas, provide a secluded space at airports, offices, hospitals and education institutes where 10 to 15 people can offer their prayers at a time, allow a short break to Muslim employees to perform Jumma and Eid prayers, allow early leave to them for sehar and iftaar in Ramazan, and allow the construction of slaughterhouses for qurbani and aqeeqa activities in every city.

Muslim women should be allowed to wear a scarf. Defamation of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Quran and mosques should be a punishable offence. I am planning to start this campaign from England as there are almost 30 Muslim parliamentarians there and a large Muslim population. It is hoped that these parliamentarians along with Muslim journalists and lawyers will extend their support.

Advocate Irshad-Ur-Rehman