Monday May 16, 2022

Bitten hard

January 22, 2022

This refers to letter ‘Inflation bites’ by Hashim Abro (January 20). The incumbent government has been trying to stabilise the debt-ridden economy of Pakistan since 2018. Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that we are in dire need of the IMF bailouts; failure to secure it can lead to a decline in exports while people are suffering from the ever-increasing prices of basic necessities, petrol, and a shortage of electricity and gas.

Even a layperson can see the problems that will be caused by such unprecedented inflation. Yet the government is adamant to impose new taxes by implementing the mini-budget. Unfortunately, this move will only affect ordinary citizens. The government should set up mini-manufacturing units instead of mini-budgets. That at least will help make the country self-sufficient. Moreover, even though the IMF austerity measures seem good, in the long run, they will not help eradicate unemployment and inflation.

Zunaira Haroon