Monday May 23, 2022

Police reforms

January 20, 2022

The country’s police work on a colonial system and the Police Act has not been implemented properly. People’s trust in the police is at its lowest mostly due to the inimical behaviour of the police towards people. The chain of command in the police force is also weak, and there is no accountability in the department.

Some low-rank officers flatly refuse to obey orders and are involved in rampant corruption. This state of affairs makes for a dreadful situation. On the other hand, senior officers seem to have little control, especially because the training and recruitment structure is based on favouritism and nepotism. Also, they are not given good salaries and facilities – considering the current rate of inflation. The PTI government should bring about reforms in the police department so that police officers are paid well and perform their duties responsibly.

Shakir H Shamim