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Medical report reveals girl found dead in Orangi was strangled to death

December 27, 2021
Medical report reveals girl found dead in Orangi was strangled to death

The medical report of a teenager girl who was found dead on Saturday under mysterious circumstances at her house in Orangi Town has revealed that the girl was strangled to death.

The initial medical report of 13-year-old girl Anusha, daughter of Akhtar, revealed on Sunday that the victim was strangled to death as one of the bones of her neck was found broken.

Initially, it had been claimed that the girl had committed suicide but later, her younger brothers, who were present at the house at the time of her death, maintained that an unidentified man had come to their home who strangled their sister to death.

The brothers also claimed that the suspect had also beaten up and threatened them before leaving the house. Police said the doctors did not find any evidence that could suggest that the victim was also subjected to rape before killing. They added that the police were taking the statement of the victim’s brothers seriously suspecting that it was not a suicide case but the girl was a murdered.

According to the police, the victim belonged to a poor family who were not cooperating with them.

Though the victim’s father refused conducting the post-mortem of the victim and did not lodge a case, police initiated investigations. SSP Suhai Aziz said a police team headed by DSP Jafar Baloch had been constituted to determine the nature of the incident as the statement of the victim’s younger brothers could not be ignored.