Saturday January 22, 2022

Tribesmen seek relocation of district headquarters

November 27, 2021

WANA: The residents here on Friday demanded the government to relocate the offices of the district administration, South Waziristan, from Tank to facilitate the locals.

The residents of South Waziristan including Mahmud and Wazir tribesmen had staged a protest, demanding the government to relocate the offices of the South Waziristan district headquarters from Tank to mitigate the sufferings of the local tribespeople.

Addressing the protesters, tribal elders, including Malik Saeed Anwar Mahsud, Junaid Mahsud, Ayaz Wazir, Shams Mahsud, Imran Wazir and others said that the residents of South Waziristan were facing a host of problems as the offices of the district administration were situated in Tank since long.

The demanded the authorities to relocate the offices to South Waziristan to mitigate the sufferings of the locals. They took out a rally from the Irfan Shaheed Park in Tank and marched towards the main gate of Waziristan compound. The protesters forcibly closed the main gate of the Waziristan compound in Tank for two hours. They pointed out that the poor people had to travel to the political compound in Tank in connection with their official work.

The protesters said that they incurred expenses while traveling from South Waziristan to Tank for official work.

They said the Mahsud and Wazir tribes enjoyed peaceful coexistence since long. They said that the offices of the district headquarters should be established in the Mahsud-inhabited area as per the understanding.