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Rabbani terms govt-IMF deal ‘re-imposed colonialism’

November 24, 2021
Rabbani terms govt-IMF deal ‘re-imposed colonialism’

ISLAMABAD: Former chairman Senate and PPP leader Senator Mian Raza Rabbani termed the government-IMF deal as a ‘re-imposed colonialism’ and said that this government has fulfilled the international agenda of handing over Pakistan, a nuclear state, to the liquidators, in the shape of IMF.

“As the new conditions of IMF have taken away Pakistan’s financial sovereignty and re-imposed the colonialism, now Pakistan’s foreign and economic policy and national security priorities will be dictated by the Western imperialists,” he said while commenting on the government-IMF deal.

Rabbani said as a consequence of the IMF deal, the petroleum levy is to be raised by Rs4 per litre every month, to increase it up to Rs30 per litre; the revised amount of Rs356 billion to be collected against the initial collection estimates of Rs610 billion; power rates to go up; tax exemption of Rs300 billion to be abolished; Rs200 billion cuts in PSDP; State Bank of Pakistan Amendment Bill, to provide autonomy.

He said the Pakistan government has bartered away the economic sovereignty while parliament was kept in dark and forced to pass controversial electoral reforms.

Raza Rabbani questioned that had the government been alive to the suffering on the streets of Pakistan, it would not have conceded to such conditions which will, as a result, boost poverty and suicide rates.

He said the mini-budget will further break the back of the common man and his existence will become virtually impossible. Rabbani said only one per cent elite and crony capitalists will continue to flourish as this deal has been made to balance their cashbooks, while people of Pakistan will suffer the regressive taxation, unaffordable fuel, increase in electricity tariff and unprecedented gas shortages. “The basic needs of the poor on the street, such as food to counter winter, are being denied to him.

Senator Rabbani said the people of Pakistan are now asking as to who is governing the state as Pakistan’s ruling elite has become a slave of IMF, the international financial imperialist.