Monday November 29, 2021

NCA displays artworks by Jamil Naqsh

October 27, 2021

LAHORE:National College of Arts (NCA) in collaboration with Jamil Naqsh Museum organised an exhibition of the paintings and miniatures by the legend artist, Jamil Naqsh along with book launch ceremony of “Shagird Ustad Sharif Jamil Naqsh” and “Fisher woman of my Mohenjo-Daro”.

It was NCA’s debut exhibition of the Master Painter, curated by Mrs Sobia Naqsh and Quddus Mirza. The exhibited works comprised of 10 miniatures and 30 paintings from the series titled “Fisher woman of my Mohenjo-Daro”. Born in 1939, Naqsh joined the Mayo School of Art in 1953. He got his training under Ustad Sharif for two years and left without completing his diploma. Throughout his life, Naqsh signed his miniatures as “Shagird Ustad Sharif”, thus paying homage to his Ustad.