Saturday December 04, 2021

PTI govt weakened state, democracy: Khursheed Shah

October 26, 2021

SUKKUR: PPP leader Khursheed Shah said the incumbent government has weakened the state and democracy to an extent that he fears it would lead to inviting dictatorship.

Speaking to media persons at the Sukkur Press Club on Monday, Khursheed Shah said the prime minister is needlessly interfering in the state institutions, including the armed forces, ECP, NAB, none of which are being allowed to work independently. He said the PTI government by committing policy blunders has turned the lives of the people difficult. Khursheed Shah said Prime Minister Imran Khan has deceived the people and the youth with his slogans of five million houses for the homeless and provision of 10 million jobs. On the contrary, he said unemployment was on the rise, daily commodities are going beyond the reach of common man and house building materials like cement and iron bars have become greatly expensive. He said it is easy to oust the Imran Khan led federal government if there was unity among the opposition.