Sunday December 05, 2021

More suggestions

October 18, 2021

This refers to the letter 'No more cars, please' (October 16) by Arshad M Khawaja. The writer has rightly suggested that private vehicles be discouraged and mass transit systems be developed and subsidised to save foreign exchange and to facilitate citizens. People are already overburdened by the rising prices of petrol and other essential commodities. There is a need to change certain critical policies to relieve ordinary citizens from the onslaught of rising inflation.

The surplus staff in the public sector should be downsized by automation and modern management systems. The policy of excessive salaries, perks, official vehicles, and the allotment of multiple plots to senior officers should be reviewed. The expenditure on an unprecedented increase in salaries in June 2021 is being met with indirect taxes and borrowings. The budgetary allocation for construction projects should be shifted to subsidising food items.

Dr Najeeb A khan