Monday November 29, 2021

Upsets galore at Lahore Race Club

October 18, 2021

LAHORE: There were upsets in all four cup races here at the Lahore Race Club on Sunday.

Ruksh galloped to win the Toru Cup. The other cup winning horses were Punoor, G One and Salam-e-Dera.

The opening two montreaux plate races winners were Black Powder and Jee Aya Nu and the winners of these two horses were also a surprise.

In the first race, as Black Powder saddled ahead of all, it was followed by After Hero at second place while Paras Love was third. All of the three positions were unexpected.

In the second race, Jee Aya Nu's win came as a surprise as it was expected to be second but that place was taken by Khabib and Neeli The Great was third.

In the October Cup, Punoor galloped to a clear win ahead of Hash Tag and Hussn-e-Kainat, which were second and third. The favourite Bambsi was nowhere near the winners.

The fourth race was BonVoage Cup, which was the maiden race and G One turned out to be the winner. Diana and Raheeb One settled for second and third places, respectively.

The main race of the day was the Toru Khan Cup. Raksh staged one of tne biggest upsets of the day. It was followed by Sanctity at second place and Alamgirian at third position.