Wednesday October 20, 2021

Govt releases funds for beautification of Balakot

September 20, 2021

MANSEHRA: Chief Minister’s Special Assistant Ahmad Hussain Shah on Sunday said that the provincial government had released Rs1.2 billion for the supply of the high-tech machinery and beautification of Balakot.

“The government has given away Rs600 million high-tech machinery to the Tehsil Municipal Administration and work on the beautification of Balakot city with another Rs600 million funds is being launched,” Shah told a gathering held in connection with the beautification project here.

He also inaugurated various roads and streets lights projects worth over Rs100 million, saying the government wanted to develop the far-off of villages and towns.

Speaking at the gathering, Hussain Shah said that the government was following a comprehensive strategy to provide education and healthcare services to the people in Balakot, which was crumbled to ruins in the 2005 devastating earthquake. “The government has also approved the degree college for Garhi Habibullah to promote higher education among the girls and work on its building would shortly be started,” he said.

The special assistant said that he had built around 42 girls and boys schools in Balakot tehsil when he was a provincial minister in a previous government.